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Liittymispäivä: 25. syysk. 2022


When we launched the back in January, we knew that easy access to the industry’s most powerful speech-recognition technology the would be a huge hit among developers. Although the new mexico plant identification guide study offers some intriguing information, the study didn't examine the social aspects which some of the apps offer. Some of the apps included that were studied also provide the option to seek out the community of other app users to recognize the photo of their plants. I've observed that those who respond to these apps are generally precise to the level of species and usually are provided by experts. Therefore, when novices are able to combine mobile apps along with additional tools for instance, community responses or using guidebooks or other sources of information, these apps offer a lot of potential.

You too can bring the same cool functionality to app! Registering as an member grants you access to an intuitive self-service program that will have you plant recodnixing your mobile app within minutes! Want to learn more?! Check out today!


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