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Recommendations for teachers in preparing for literature First of all, I advise you to actively engage in the analysis of a work of art in the classroom and pay special attention to the analysis of lyrical works, because, as practice shows, it is much more difficult for children to analyze a poem. From the answers that we sometimes get, it becomes clear that they do not quite understand how this is done. For example, often instead of analyzing a poem, it is given a sequential retelling of the stanzas or a list of all the tropes that can, and sometimes cannot, be found in this poem. Therefore, the main request to teachers is to devote more time to working with the literary word as the basis for text analysis. This allows students to be creative in writing papers. For this, the services of Editius, which specialize in helping children learn to analyze and write good written work, are very helpful. Therefore, ask a lot of written work so that children can successfully pass the exam. The interpretation of a literary word is a whole art, and if a student knows how to build synonymous, associative series based on the etymology and interpretation of a word, and understands how this word functions in a particular work of art, then he will have no problems with text analysis. In addition, it is necessary to carefully study the assessment criteria when preparing students for the exam and explain their subtleties.For example, it often happens that graduates in the answer do not create a composition where it is needed (in particular, in an essay), and create it where it is not required at all (in tasks 8, 9, 15, 16), they spend time forces, allow speech and logical errors. Therefore, it is very important when preparing to use which is very helpful in preparing for the writing exam. Thus, students will be attentive to the criteria that are offered on the exam. Teachers themselves need to be well versed in the format of the exam, in the requirements for it, in order to broadcast all this to graduates. To do this, there is where you can improve your knowledge through self-study to prepare students for the state final certification, where everyone can come. This is very necessary for teachers as they will be taught this themselves. About the features of distance preparation for the exam To effectively prepare for exams remotely, you need to be a purposeful person and clearly understand why it is really important for you to get high scores in this subject. The specialists tried to visually show the graduates what should be in the answers and what should be avoided, analyzed the mistakes of the students, proposed algorithms for working on tasks of various types. In addition, schoolchildren actively participate in online diagnostics in the USE format.This allows not only to orient in the scores that can be counted on in the exam, but also to work out the format of each type of task, refresh knowledge of the works, and think about how to reasonably allocate time on the exam. A special bonus, in my opinion, is the opportunity, after passing the diagnostics, to get advice from experts on their work - not only a comment on the points received, but, more importantly, a detailed analysis of errors and recommendations for their elimination.

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