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Ways To Determine The Authenticity Of An ESA Letter - 2022 Guide

Multiple online services offer you an ESA letter. However, there are various scammers out there as well. Don’t you want an authentic letter, that will be accepted everywhere? Following are the characteristics that you should check in an ESA letter and the online service to see if they are authentic.

  • Certification Of Medical Health Professional

You should always inquire about the medical health professional’s certification that will authorize your ESA letter. The professional should be registered in the same state as you. Also, check the license ID and validation period of the professional.

  • It Should Not Be Cheap

An online service offering you an esa letter for housing at too little a price is probably a scam. Genuine online services will need to hire a well-qualified medical health professional who will charge them accordingly. So an authentic letter can never be cheap. You should be able to get it at a reasonable price.

  • Inquires The Symptoms

Before giving you an ESA letter, a medical health professional will always need to know about the mental issues that you are suffering from. For this purpose, they need to know about your symptoms.

So, when you engage with an online service for an emotional support animal letter, you will either have to fill in a questionnaire. Otherwise, they would need you to answer questions in writer or verbal form. If they are not inquiring about your symptoms, how will they include them in the letter?

  • It Is A Time-taking Process

Medical inquiry and authentication is a bit of a time taking process. No authentic letter can be issued to you within a day or two. It should take a couple of days.

This is because, firstly, the inquiry from you will take time. Secondly, the medical professional will also need time to assess your condition. After that, an ESA letter will be issued to you.

  • Professional Letterhead

An authentic ESA letter is always written on a professional letterhead of a medical practitioner. It also displays the authenticity of the medical professional as well as the letter. Thus, when an online service gives you an ESA letter written on plain paper, you should know that it is fake.

  • Issuance And Expiry Of The Letter

An ESA letter is only valid for a period of 12 months. If you need an emotional support animal after a year, you will be needed to get a new ESA letter.

A genuine online service will be aware of such rules and regulations. Therefore, their letter will clearly show the date of issuance of the letter along with the date of expiry. An ESA letter is of no use without its issuance and expiry date.

  • No Need For Esa Registration

There are no such laws that require you to get your emotional support animal registered. Moreover, any other certification, vest, badge, etc., can not get you the necessary permissions for your animal.

The only single document used for this purpose is an ESA letter. So, if an online service guides you or offers you to register your animal, they are only doing that to steal money from you. Do not go for such websites to get an ESA letter.

  • Safety Of Payment Method

An online service that provides ESA letters will charge for them. It is most likely to be an online payment. This will require you to enter your personal credit card information. In other cases, there may be other online payment methods available also.

You should check if your payment will be transferred to them and not lost in the way. Also, see that your personal credit card information should remain safe. Beware of online hackers and scammers. You can apply for an esa letter online from

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