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Laser Levels For Long Distance Jobs Reviews

When working on a construction site or preparing to work on an outside job with a laser level, the range of instruments should be the first item on your mind. Suppose you've been working with top rated laser levels for indoor tasks. In that case, it's time to upgrade to a more robust model to ensure accuracy and precision in your work.

#1 - Pacific Laser Systems PLS-60588 Laser Level:

Pacific Laser Systems is a new brand launching some of the most adaptable goods on the market. The PLS-60588 cross line laser level is one of the most highly-rated devices available on a shoestring budget. It's also an efficient model that any building professional should test.

Special Features:

PLS-60588 has an outstanding 200ft of laser range and a standard visibility range of 50ft. Also, its decent self-leveling mode offers a point-to-point accuracy of ± ¼ inch at 100ft.

The magnetic wall bracket, which also comes with an excellent floor stand, is the most convenient feature. With 3AA batteries, this brand provides extended battery life for this incredible laser level.

Should we choose it?

Suppose you find a laser level for outdoor ventures with exceptional durability and precise laser lines. In that case, PLS-60588 is suitable for you. However, this device also creates an unsatisfactory range if not used with a detector. Thus, in this price range, PLS-60588 is considered the best choice for the money.

#2 - Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Level:

Makita has been a leader in the world of laser level manufacture for a long time, and users who have already purchased laser levels from this company are very pleased. With the best cross line laser level, you may almost attempt any project, from indoor to outdoor.

Special Features:

Makita Cross-line laser level produces visibility and range with 50ft visible. It also has a fast self-leveling time of three seconds.

Moreover, the lithium-ion battery supports a battery life of up to 30 hours.

Although it can handle various heavy-duty tasks, the laser level is still easy to use for newbies. The accuracy of this laser level is quite incredible, with ± ⅛ at 30ft for the horizontal line and ± 3/32 for the vertical line.

Should we choose it?

The drawbacks of this laser level are best operated in natural light and frustrating changing the mode from vertical to horizontal. However, it still meets the users' expectations; thus, the Makita Green Cross-line laser level is a good choice for long-distance jobs.

#3 - Firecore F118G Professional Self-Leveling Cross-Line Laser:

If you're seeking a professional laser level, this model will meet all of your requirements while working on a job site. It can also project two separate lines without interfering with each other.

Special Features:

This tool is handy because it allows you to project horizontal, vertical, and cross lines on a plane. Because of its compactness and light, the device is easy to transport.

Furthermore, the clever tilt feature can be pretty helpful for specialized activities, and the availability of an off-alignment alarm allows you to measure without interruption when there is a tiny shift in the alignment, this alert sounds.

It also provides ⅙ inch bright green fine laser line, and its operating range and accuracy are 82ft and ± ⅛ inch at 30ft.

Should we choose it?

Though this equipment has proven useful, the one drawback we encountered was the laser level's fragility. This made it vulnerable to harm and necessitated cautious storage. In a word, this F118G is still a good choice for those who are beginners.

What Laser Level For Large Range Fits Your Working Style?

As a newbie, you may be confused after looking at so many laser levels on the market. You may wind up purchasing the incorrect type. You can now select any model for long-distance work, and you will be able to see beams. It's time to rely on the best self leveling laser level for flawless results.


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