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Understanding an ESA Letter - 2022 Guide

If your pet provides you with the necessary emotional support for your mental condition and disease, you should get it certified as an Emotional Support Animal. To get it certified, you need an ESA Letter. Such a letter is authorized by a mental health professional.

The health professional determines if you have such symptoms that make you emotionally or psychologically dependent on an animal. Then he or she gives a letter to certify that the animal provides you necessary emotional support.

How to get your Emotional Support Animal certified?

You can get an ESA letter in the following two ways:

  • An Online Service

The trend of emotional support animals is increasing day by day. Various online services offer esa letter for housing. But you should always check if the online service is authorized to provide letters or not.

The letter that they provide you should include the authorization of mental health professional. The authentic service providers also inquire about your health symptoms and animal specifications before issuing you a certificate.

  • A Mental Health Professional

If you do not want to rely on an online service, you can always reach a mental health professional. He or she will be available in a hospital or clinic nearby. They can examine your symptoms in detail. You will also not have to worry about the authentication of the letter.

Keep in mind that your ESA letter is only valid for 12 months. You will have to get a new authorized ESA letter every 12 months if you may require it.

What are the Details Included in an ESA Letter?

A genuine ESA letter should have the following details mentioned in it:

  • Patient’s Full Name

  • Medical Details of the Patient

  • Name of the disease, illness, or mental condition

  • Symptoms of the patient

  • It does not include detailed patient history

  • Harms that the condition may cause to the patient or the people in their surroundings

  • Emotional Support Animal’s Information

  • Name of the animal

  • Breed of the animal

  • Mode of carriage

  • Ways in which the animal supports the person

  • Health Professional’s Details

  • Name of the professional

  • ID number of the professional

  • Period of their assistance to the patient

  • Signature of the professional

  • Letter Specifications

  • Purpose of the letter

  • Issuance date of the letter

  • The expiry date of the letter

Without these details, a landlord or other authorities may not accept your emotional support animal letter. So make sure that the online service or health professional includes these details in your letter.

Where Can You Use An ESA Letter?

If you want to take your emotional support animal everywhere with you, then you need an ESA letter. According to the rules and regulations, an ESA letter can help you at the following places:

  • Renting a House

If you rent a house, apartment, or any other form of housing, you will need an ESA letter. Your landlord can not object to bringing your pet with you.

Moreover, the landlord is also obligated to make any necessary adjustments that may be required to keep the animal. But the demands should not be so outrageous that the landlord can not fulfill them.

  • Hostels and Dormitories

Unlike other pets, you can keep your emotional support animals with you in hostels and dormitories also. For this, you have to take permission from the hostel authorities by showing them your ESA letter.

The only consideration over here could be the size of your animal. You might also have to ensure that your animal will not harm other people living along.

  • Social Gatherings

Taking your emotional support animal to a private social gathering largely depends upon your understanding with the host. However, if you want to take them to public social gatherings, you will require an ESA letter. The letter will ensure that you must have them with you and that they will not harm other people or property in the gathering. For more information regarding an esa letter, visit

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