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Convert Scanned Images to Drawing Objects:Scan and convert any sort of image—such as images from digital cameras, websites, or printed material—and send the resulting files to AutoCAD in just a few clicks. (video: 1:30 min.)Convert 3D Models into Drawing Objects:Use 3D models directly in AutoCAD, without needing to import a 2D image first. Add new features and geometry to CAD drawings at a variety of viewing and editing levels. (video: 1:27 min.)Work Faster with Responsive DesignWhen you work in AutoCAD, all documents, drawings, and toolbars react quickly and automatically, no matter the resolution, pixel density, or size of your screen.Better Page Viewing and Reducing Raster ImpactWith AutoPage now enabled by default, a few clicks on the View menu enable you to view any page of your PDF document, while simultaneously leaving the rest of your drawings unchanged. And when printing, a single command creates PDF output that displays your full page view, a selection of pages from your PDF document, or a page-by-page view.Improved Drawing and InstancingFast, dynamic links support drawing and dimension objects, making it easier to design and use more complex geometries. Instance is a multi-tool function that allows you to create and link multiple identical objects at one time. With a few clicks you can copy, move, resize, rotate, and delete multiple instances of any drawing object or parametric object, and copy and move or rotate any number of them.AllureAllure is an intuitive and customizable user interface that changes the way you work in AutoCAD. Allure comes in two editions: Studio and Create. The Studio edition, the traditional user interface, is intuitive and offers numerous customization options, while the Create edition is ideal for new users who would like to customize the interface without requiring extensive customization skills.New Graphical User Interface for Large Document Sets:Multi-document management features are simplified and enhanced in this release. You can now store all the drawings, blocks, dimensions, tags, and annotations you have on your disk in an XML document.New XML-based Paper-Specific Design Environment:You can now create and use a paper-specific design environment in AutoCAD. The design environment takes advantage of the AutoC 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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