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"Whales" of creative longevity in writing

What happens when the old reasons for writing stop working and stimulate?

Fatigue, habit, routine instead of story, "have to", lack of time... Everyone has their own triggers. But they lead to one thing - suddenly you do not want to sit down to work. And suddenly you pay someone to write a paper in 3 hours realize that you do not want to write at all. You lived a month or six months or a year without writing - and nothing, the world has not collapsed. You can go on living.

But do you want to?

If you want to, you shouldn't force yourself to the computer. So you need a break. Bored with stories and writing. And allow yourself this, even if the rest drags on for a few years. Believe me, it's better to take as much time off as you need, and come back awake, eager, with new stories - and work with pleasure, and create something amazing and original, than to pick at one paragraph every day and not create anything worthwhile in the same few years.

And if you don't want to write college essays for sale in general, but something still itches inside and demands, reminds, asks, then... Look for whales. Whales of writing longevity. 🙂

"Whale 1": new incentives for creativity.

If the old ones aren't working, then it's time to look for new ones. And get over it: you have to look for them all the time, throughout your creative journey.

A mountain of old novels gathering dust in your computer? It's time to publish on the Web.

Already published? And, presumably, for free? Time to sell. At first, dissertation help the money will not be a lot (and even a long time will not be, if you - the author is not promoted), but then sales - even small - very well stimulate to write.

Never participated in contests? It's time) On the literary portals there are a lot of them, all kinds, and for stories and novels.

Well, and you can send your manuscript to publishers. But what if?

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